CardX- Future of Decentralized Swaps on the Cardano Blockchain

2 min readSep 27, 2021


While many other decentralized exchanges remain in the present day by utilizing present day blockchains such as the Ethereum network, our hard work and dedication to the cardano blockchain has unearthed CardX — the cross-chain DEX operating primarily on the Cardano blockchain.

What is Cardano and how will it Benefit the Industry?

Cardano is to be the third-generation blockchain exchange, designed and built specifically to eradicate the issues of PoW (Proof of Work) blockchains such as Ethereum; namely energy limitations, gas fees and speed of transactions. Created by Ethereum’s co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, the convolutions of the current blockchain were met with a deep understanding and technical prowess. Since 2015, Cardano has been in development, working to break free of infrastructure limitations and improving on the current state of affairs.

With the crypto space being a world of ever-changing evolution, at CardX we understand the importance of staying one step ahead, staying on the proverbial ball and always remaining future-focused. To stay atop the persistent carousel that is our industry, we continually and intricately research upcoming technologies in a bid to modernize and keep fresh our products and services.

Be a Part of Development on the Cardano Blockchain with CardX

Due to our aforementioned research and dedication to bring trading to the current Decentralized crypto space, CardX is set to be one of the very first & improvised cross-chain decentralized exchanges on the Cardano Blockchain. With CardX, early adopters shall be amongst the very first to trade various tokens on the Cardano Blockchain and stay ahead of the game. With improved security, better privacy, lower fees, improved liquidity and faster rates of exchange, CardX’s potential is set to be without bounds.

Furthermore Ouroboros, the Cardano protocol, implements mathematical game theory to improve upon performance, longevity and performance and is provably the first blockchain protocol to be driven through peer-based reviews.

  • Through the implementation of various incentive mechanisms, CardX ensures it has the capacity to sustain the Cardano blockchain. This rewards participants on the network through stakes in ADA (the Cardano token) or through the operation of stake pools.
  • The Ouroborus protocol is the final solution to the industries’ greatest problem, energy efficiency. Through Ouroborus, Cardano is able to morally scale with around 4,000,000 times the energy efficiency of the legacy blockchain system - Bitcoin.
  • CardX will empower early adopters to trade with maximum efficiency with no risk to stakes or capital and with vastly improved liquidity — trade quicker, with more ease and with better anonymity and safety.




CardX - Premier DEX on the Cardano blockchain.