Journey of CardX as the vital Decentralized Exchange on the Cardano Blockchain

2 min readSep 27, 2021


Due to the rapid pace with which the cryptocurrency space evolves, we understand the critical importance of the accelerated manner in which the industry moves. Through careful and intensive research, CardX has a deep understanding in what will shape the decentralized exchange space in which we trade today.

It’s of our greatest pleasure to announce that there’s huge changes around the corner, and we are set to hold a pioneering role in the future of decentralized exchanges and whether you be a seasoned and serious trader, making a living via trading cryptocurrency, or a causal trader, enjoying less serious trades; the changes CardX brings are big, revolutionary and exciting.

The Cardano Blockchain

Whichever of the above categories you feel describe you, you will have had experience with slow, drawn-out transaction times and often extortionate gas fees that are of higher than the initial transaction itself. I speak of course, of the current blockchains we so rely on. Namely the first-generation Bitcoin blockchain and the later, far more efficient second-generation Ethereum blockchain.

While the latter of the above cases have been so far, so good. There’s always room for improvement and an easier way of life; this is where the Cardano blockchain comes in to play and revolutionizes the way we will trade in the very near future.

The Cardano blockchain was built, from the ground up, by none other than the Ethereum blockchain co-founder, Charles Hoskinson. Since 2015, this game-changing technology has been gestating and . By taking all of the issues with PoW (Proof of Work) protocols such as high energy consumption and the dreaded gas fees and kicking them into touch, Cardano, a Proof of Stake protocol, works to infinitely improve our lives in the world of crypto trading. No longer will energy exhaustive methods be a factor, as PoS massively improves on energy consumed, making it faster and, more importantly, cheaper to trade with.

Be a Part of One of the Very First Cardano-Fuelled Decentralized Exchanges

Thanks to our hard work and canny insight, CardX is set to be one of the very first Cardano decentralized exchanges. Take advantage of astronomically improved liquidity, near-instant transactions, greater privacy and impeccable security.

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